"Tradition teaches us, innovation guides us"

Sorbino Uomo spa is the result of fifty years of experience in the clothing sector, of professionalism acquired over years of collaborations with partners who are experts in Made in Italy. Fashion is a family passion, passion inherited from the founder Giovanni Sorbino. It all began when Giovanni Sorbino, a great merchant, began alone the transformation of his small workshop into a business projected to the future.


What makes a company great is the synergy of many employees who work closely together. The company involves different professionals from the world of fashion and communication to be always able to respond to the needs of the market. Thanks to its managerial culture, the Group has achieved important goals by becoming a leading company in the field of men’s clothing, a brand recognized both nationally and abroad. The management of the Human Resources through a job description, previously elaborated with a business strategy, assures that the staff and the whole organization, work according to a logic of continuous improvement of the performances.

Professional growth and valorization, as a determining factor for the evolution and development of its activities, is therefore one of the main objectives of the Company. "It is preferable to teach the worker to fish so that he can feed himself in the long term, rather than catch his fish, and feed him one day". Our employees have a strategic role, the company believes in the value of talent. It invests in its employees and promotes through training and above all motivation, the improvement of working conditions and productivity. Integration, mediation, involvement, cohesion, support, autonomy and orientation to the task, in our company, are not only words but behaviors that are concretely implemented.


To convey the Italian style and our brand-identity according to a canon of indispensable modernity in global markets. We try to guarantee a production conforming to the highest quality standards and design research. The mission is realized thanks to the support of an internal staff and many external partners. Today our company can count on 400 employees.


The key to success is increasingly in the ability to differentiate the product using a strong research on design. The result that our company has achieved in the product sector is mainly due to the heritage that the company has inherited by combining the culture and professionalism of three generations in the male fashion industry.

“There is no future unless you have a real story”.

When you want to make a difference, Sorbino becomes the protagonist, thanks to its strong image, sober and modern, but always linked to tradition and experience gained over time, a tradition that is and will remain the soul of the company.

His story made of passion and teachings handed down have allowed the company to grow, establish itself and value itself over time.


From Napoli to the World

thanks to the digitalisation and evolution of logistics services. With the purchase in 2023 of others three sheds to the Campano Interporto, group logistics which is entirely internal and not outsourced, can count on not indifferent spaces, approximately 10.000 mq near the Interporto Campano and very 7000 mq the logistic structure anticipates to the Cis of Nola. the objective of the group was and is the management of the returns Retail of end of season, of the management outlet and the relative inventories with the constitution of a warehouse in the center of the society and with the progressive implementation of the activities of optimization in this new logistics hub created with respect for the environment, the main innovation concerns the creation of a state-of-the-art wi-fi system for the automatic sorting of garments, ensuring a clear reduction in sorting and delivery times. This ensures greater effectiveness in the management of all orders in support of omnichannel and multiple sales channels wholesale, retail, e-commerce B2B and B2C, outlet improving efficiency in customer services.


The management of the distribution chain is the result of a strategic coordination of all the essential steps to which the product is subjected, first from within the company through marketing strategies, then along the entire sales network made of organized facilities such as logistics, administrative, commercial and procurement area. The operating activities of the group from the planning to the logistics are carried out entirely to the Interporto Campano di Nola (in a surface of very 10.000 mq that goes to join to the logistic structure anticipates to the Cis of Nola of beyond 7000 mq .

To the main distribution of the product, is added a dense network of 70 franchises on the national territory sites in the main shopping centers and historic Italian centers. Franchises are also present abroad, specifically in Lebanon, Prague, Cyprus, Macedonia, Malta and Chicago. Partnerships with world-class national partners in Dubai and Turkey have been consolidated for years. To date, the Sorbino Group has more than 1500 customers worldwide: 900 national, 350 in Europe and 250 EX-UE, Asia and America.

While the retail project directional "SORBINO" has had an acceleration not indifferent in recent years, reaching to be present in a capillary manner in the Italian territory with 72 stores that added to the franchise stores, make up a total of 142 stores in the country.


The company’s commitment in recent years has focused on the development of a network slu Italian territory of stores designed for shopping centers and primary historic centers.

The architecture of the shop-type has been designed and structured to immediate effect, and so that he would have a versatility that right collation both in a mall and shopping streets citizen.

The stores have so far developed mainly within important malls on an average sales area of 150/350 sqm, while the last shops have an area of at least 200 square meters. To date the Sorbino Retail is present in the best Italian shopping centers and in the most important historic centers.

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