What makes a company a winning one is the synergy among many players working side by side. The company has engaged many different capabilities from the world of fashion and communication in a way to be able to meet every time the market’s needs. Its managerial culture enabled the Group to attain significant goals, thus making it a leading company in the fashion industry and a well renowned brand both at national and international level. The Human Resources managed on the base of a job description defined in advance by a specific corporate strategy allows that the entire staff and the organization as a whole may work in compliance with an approach focused on a steady improvement of the performance. The professional growth and the career support seen as crucial factors for the evolution and the development of our activities appear to be one of the major targets of the Company. “Better to teach the employees to fish in such a way to feed themselves on the long term, than fishing the fish for them and feeding them only for one day.” Our employees play a strategic role, the company strongly believes in the value of talent. We invest in our resources and encourage the improvement of the work conditions and of the productivity through training and motivation. Integration, mediation, participation, cohesion, support, autonomy and task-orientation are for our Company not mere words but behaviours effectively practiced.


Conveying the Italian style and our brand-identity on the global markets according to an essential standard of modernity. Our aim is that of assuring a production which is compliant with the highest standards in terms of quality and design research. Our mission is fulfilled thanks to the support of our staff and of the many external partners. Today we can rely on 400 collaborations.